Gyeon Interior Detailer | Streak-Free Cleaner

Size: 500ml
Sale price$16.99


Gyeon Interior Detailer is an answer to those of us who asked for a no-fuss interior all-in-one product that leaves nothing other than a fresh clean scent behind.

Gyeon Interior Detailer can be used safely, effectively and without streaks on numerous surfaces, such as:

  • Screens & clear plastics
  • Leather & leatherettes
  • Vinyl & dashboards
  • Gloss black plastic
  • Carbon fiber interior trim
  • Aluminum

This new solution to simple interior maintenance left us extremely impressed with its ability to remove dirt and grime, yet avoid streaking on even gloss black plastics (which are plentiful in modern interiors) and touch screens. It's now our go-to interior detailer, and it's likely not a bad idea to keep a bottle of this in your on-the-go care kit or in your trunk along with a pack of KLIN Zero Finish microfiber towels to help prevent lint as you wipe down interior surfaces.

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