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It is no secret that, here at Parks Detailing, we love KL!N Microfiber. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and perfection is at the forefront of our adoration for the brand. While we feel the entire range is unique, these four items in particular are undeniably innovative and fresh in the microfiber market. It is our pleasure to offer this awesome package in a cost saving bundle!

The Green Monster: This is the ultimate wheel cleaning towel. Appropriately named, this towel scares away dirt and can take a beating from the dirtiest of jobs. Covered in a proprietary polymer coating, and durable elastic fibers, this towel is extremely resilient.

The Glass Shine: We have found that this is the ideal towel to achieve a streak free clean. It is a low nap, yet soft and lint free design. 

The Bubble Towel: This is an ultra soft bubble shaped towel, which is delicately woven for interior cleaning. This is our go to for all interior cleaning. It is especially helpful in dealing with delicate surfaces. This towel comes in a two pack, with two different colorways. 

The Softy Series: The same technology as our famous softy series wash pad, in a compact size. Once soaked, these pads are extremely effective in cleaning hard to reach areas. They are powerful, yet gentle where necessary. These pads are ideal for cleaning complex wheel faces, exhaust tips, and much more!

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