MTM Acqualine SGS35 with built in Stainless Swivel & QC's

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The SGS35 is MTM's flagship spray gun. Why would you go for this one when there are cheaper options on the market? It's a legitimate question, but a simple answer as we'll outline for you below:

If you haven't used a gun with a built-in swivel, you've probably fought with your pressure washer hose crimping or tangling. The swivel built into the SGS35 allows for the gun and hose to move independently, eliminating that annoying issue and saving you some time trying to unwind or untangle a pressure washer hose in the middle of your detailing processes.

Most spray guns on the market are made in China with brass internals which are prone to corrosion and utilize cheap O-rings that eventually fail and cause leaks or pressure losses. Those guns also rarely have integrated quick disconnects on the leading edge, let alone in stainless steel as the SGS35 does. This Italian manufactured spray gun has shockproof reinforced plastic ribbing throughout the entire housing of the gun supporting the pipe and protecting your hand and allows for a smoother, less fatiguing experience over time.

What's more, the SGS35's internals are uniquely resistant to hot water, if you choose to use it that way. Most other spray guns cannot be used in both hot & cold settings.

Paired with the built-in low profile stainless live swivel, this spray gun will increase your cleaning efficiency and keep you cleaning longer with its Easy Hold technology. If you'd like to complete the package, you'll want the Acqualine 20 Degree Bent Lance for a more efficient rinsing experience.

Engineering Overview:
  • Stainless Steel Quick Connects installed with Loctite to prevent pressure or water leakage
  • Stainless Live Swivel and Inlet Pipe to prevent hose crimping
  • Plated Brass Valve for enhanced chemical resistance
  • Ceramic ball for corrosion resistance
  • Blue food grade housing for OSHA and FDA regulated facilities
Relevant Specs:
  • 3/8" F Integrated SS Swivel Inlet x 1/4" F Outlet
  • Max - 5,000 PSI
  • Max - 12 GPM
  • Max - 320° F


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