Angelwax Enigma AIO | Ceramic Infused All-In-One Compound


Size: 5L
Sale price$299.99


Enigma AIO from Angelwax combines the medium cut Regenerate compound, with the ceramic wax properties of the world-renowned Enigma wax, resulting in an all-in-one compound that will quickly change the industry standard. 

Enigma AIO has become one of our personal favorites for one-step paint correction jobs. This unique compound is great for removing light to moderate swirls, scratches, and oxidation from paintwork, while leaving behind a high gloss, protective finish! 

The protective properties within AIO have been tested in the harsh weather conditions of Scotland, and are found to perform for 3-6 months (depending on vehicle maintenance). Enigma AIO can also be topped with Angelwax QED, Ti-22, or even Enigma wax for beautiful long-lasting finish!

This product can be topped with non Angelwax products as well, such as Nv Lustre, or your go to wax/spray sealant. It is not recommended to apply a ceramic coating on top of Enigma AIO, as the protective sealant properties will inhibit the ability for the coating to properly bond with paintwork.


- Removes moderate surface scratches & oxidation

- Enhances paint clarity while producing a high gloss finish

- Leaves behind 3-6 months of protection 

- Can be topped with Enigma Wax, QED, or your go to spray sealant! 

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