CARSCOPE Foamzooka - Foam Cannon


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Snow Foam Gun / Cannon

One of our longest developing products has been our Foamzooka snow foam cannon! 

The Foamzooka is designed to give you the best possible washing experience and therefore we think it's the best snow foam gun on the market currently!

This snow foam gun is packed with innovative thinking to control and deliver a consistent and thick blanket of foam wash after wash -

Clear bottle for easy measuring
Wide neck for easy filling
Ergonomic bottle shape for easy unscrewing
Plated body for corrosion resistance
Weighted pick up straw for angled spraying
Stainless steel hardware throughout
Adjustable foaming nozzle for vertical and horizontal spraying

Kit includes 1.25 Orifice installed with a 1.1mm orifice included as well for smaller machines

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