Ceramic Wheel Coating Package

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This ceramic wheel coating package is a simple, yet effective combination of some of our favorite products here at Parks Detailing. This is truly a complete solution for any DIY detailer who wishes to ceramic coat their wheels. Nv Nova Wheel is a high heat resistant coating that is specifically designed for wheels and calipers. Nova Wheel has excellent hydrophobic qualities, which greatly assist in keeping your wheel looking like new. Coating your wheels will effectively mitigate the risk of brake dust, fallout, and dirt from bonding to the coated surface for up to two years. Included in this kit are all the products necessary to decontaminate and prepare your wheels for a proper bonding process.

Additionally, we also included two of our favorite KLIN products. The KLIN green monster is a highly effective wheel cleaning towel that sheds dirt and abuse easily. We also included the KLIN Dual Sided Towel. This multifunctional towel is our chosen coating removal towel here at Parks Detailing. The plush side is extremely effective for your initial coating removal, and the short pile is best used in your second pass for the final wipe down. The short pile is phenomenal at removing streaks and residue. 

*For those who wish to clean and protect your tires during your DIY coating process, we highly recommend the addition of ADG F-Bomb, Nv Onyx, and our KLIN Tire Applicator. For more information check the add to cart section on your screen.

Included in this kit:

-Nv Nova Wheel 20 ml 

-Nv Purge Reactive Wheel Cleaner 500 ml

-Nv Clarity 500 ml

-Gyeon Q2M Tar 500 ml

-Gyeon Clay Mild

- KLIN Green Monster

- KLIN Dual Sided Towel (coating removal towels)


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