Gyeon Q2M Compound | Cutting Compound


Size: 1000ml
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For years, there has almost always been a tradeoff between a compound's ability to cut and the level of dust it generates. Enter Gyeon Q²M Compound.

We've tested several compounds over the years at Parks Detailing, and Q²M Compound has remained a standout in terms of its ability to remove stubborn defects without requiring us to chase our tails wiping or washing off dust as some popular compounds have before. This is because Gyeon Q²M Compound is a water-based formula.

Equally as important for the discerning professional or weekend warrior, Q²M Compound contains no silicones or fillers that mask defects, meaning that the results you're seeing are genuine and you won't be required to use excessive amounts of alcohol or prep solution to gauge the true progress you're making.

We find that the combination of aggressive cutting ability, low-dust and lack of filling agents to be efficient in a professional operation and very approachable for enthusiasts alike.

Size: 1 Liter (1000ml)

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