Gyeon Q2M Compound + 1 Liter


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Chasing stubborn defects that don't seem to respond to run of the mill compounds? Instead of having to use higher polishing machine speeds or more aggressive polishing pads, Gyeon Q²M Compound + packs a punch that few other polishing liquids are able to muster.

Q²M Compound + is capable of removing up to 1,500 grit sanding marks with ease. It makes quick work of said sanding marks, harder clear coat formulations found on German-made vehicles or flat out stubborn defects. It contains no silicones or fillers, meaning that the results you're seeing as you cut through defects are genuine.

In our experience, this product is best utilized as part of a system, and often requires a follow-up with a finishing agent such as Gyeon Q²M Polish. Paired with aggressive polishing pads, Q²M Compound + may leave light holograms which are easily removed in the final polishing stage. We still believe that this is the most efficient way to transition from sanding/leveling and remove stubborn defects, especially on hard paints.

Size: 1 Liter (1000ml)

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