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With this kit, cleaning and maintaining your interior is made simple and efficient. STEK Interior is a great multi-purpose interior cleaner that is safe for all interior surfaces. This product effectively cleans all surfaces such as leather, textiles, plastics, rubber, and more, without leaving any sticky residues or streaking. Simply wipe on and then wipe off with a clean KLIN Bubble towel.

Maintaining clean windows at times seems like a daunting task. The key to streak-free windows is a proper cleaner and microfiber towel. STEK Glass is balanced glass cleaner that works wonders. When paired with the KLIN glass shine, streaks and residue don't stand a chance. The KLIN glass shine is a low nap yet soft towel that makes glass cleaning easy.


All packages save 10% over regular priced items!


Kit Includes:

1 - KLIN Glass Shine Towel

1 - KLIN Bubble Towel (2-Pack)

1 - STEK Formula 01 Interior 500ml

1 - STEK Formula 15 Glass 500ml

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