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This kit includes all the tools necessary to clean, protect, and maintain your vehicle's leather surfaces. STEK Leather is a gentle leather cleaner that will remove dirt, grime, oils, and light stains, and will not leave stains or uneven finishes. Gyeon's soft bristled leather brush can be used to gently scrub the leather to maximize the cleaning power of STEK Leather. Condition and protect after cleaning with the use of STEK Lotion, a vitamin E enriched conditioner that will hydrate leather, leaving it with a supple and smooth feel while protecting against UV rays. The KLIN Premium Bubble Towel makes safely applying and removing these products a breeze, without risking damage to any delicate interior surfaces.


All kits save 10% over regular priced items!


Kit includes:

1 - STEK 02 Leather 500ml

1 - STEK 03 Lotion 500ml

1 - Gyeon Leather Brush 

1 - KLIN Premium Bubble Towel (2-pack)

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