Nv Nova Evo Ceramic Coating Package

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Your DIY ceramic coating package is here! In this kit we keep it simple and to the point, everything you need, nothing you don't. Starting this kit off with the Nv Nova EVO coating, a user-friendly, professional grade paint coating great for professionals, or the weekend warrior. EVO provides fantastic hydrophobic properties, durability, as well as darkening effects, that result in candy like gloss! Next we include some of our favorite KLIN Microfiber products. The Zero Applicator in small and large for your coating application, and the KLIN Zero Finish towel for precise coating removal. Nv Clarity streak free panel cleaner is our go to panel wipe prior to any coating jobs. 

*please note that due to packaging shortages most Nova EVO kits will be shipped without the full sized box*


All packages save 10% over regular priced items!


Kit Includes:

1 - Nv Nova EVO Ceramic Coating 30ml

1 - Nv Clarity 500ml

1 - KLIN Zero Finish Towel (5-Pack)

1 - KLIN Zero Applicator (Small)

1 - KLIN Zero Applicator (Large)

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