Trim Ceramic Coating Package

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Bundle and Save with our Trim Ceramic Coating Package. This package includes everything necessary to prepare and apply ceramic coating to your automotive trim. The included ceramic coating, Gyeon Q2 Trim, is an easy to apply, long-lasting ceramic coating. Gyeon Trim will protect your trim from harmful UV rays and environmental fallout, while also repelling water. Although Gyeon Trim's main functionality is protection, it is also an exceptional trim restoration product. This coating is able to take weathered trim and restore it to a factory-like finish, without leaving behind an oily surface. 

*Gyeon Trim packing may vary from the picture

This package includes:

1 Gyeon Trim 30 ml 

1 Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner 500 ml

1 KLIN Dual Side 

1 KLIN Finger Applicator 

1 KLIN Zero Finish Large Applicator 

1 KLIN Zero Finish Small Applicator 


1. Clean trim using Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner 

2. Shake the bottle of Gyeon Trim before use

3. Using the your KLIN Applicator of Choice, apply the Q2 Trim onto the trim surface 

4. Once a thick layer has been applied, wait 2-3 minutes and remove excess using the KLIN Dual Side Coating Removal Towel  

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