CARSCOPE UK Premium Detail Brushes 2-Pack


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The Carscope UK Detailing brushes have finally landed! This brush pack includes 2 premium car detailing brushes, featuring waxed wooden handles, feathered ends for softness, and 1.5" brush heads. The first brush is made with black hog hair, and is great for cleaning wheels, door jambs, and those tight exterior areas. Next up is a softer white bristled interior brush for dashboards, center consoles, leather, and more. These brushes are made of premium materials in the United Kingdom! 

*Please note that it is not recommended to leave wooden brushes soaking in water for extended periods of time*


- Waxed wooden handles

- Includes 2 brushes for interior and exterior use

- 6.7" brush length / 1.5" head width

- Built with premium materials

- Made in the UK

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