Gyeon Q2M Leather Cleaner | Mild Leather Cleaner


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Gyeon's Mild Leather Cleaner is a safe yet effective leather cleaner that will remove dirt, oils, some light discoloration, and leave your upholstery with a wonderful matte finish. Mild Leather Cleaner was designed for those who care for their interiors, and want a product that is effective, but not too strong that it may cause damage. This product does not contain any protection additives, making it the perfect product to use prior to applying a leather sealant or conditioner. 

*It is recommended to add a leather sealant or lotion to leather surfaces after using Gyeon Leather Cleaner, as it does not contain any forms of softeners or preserving additives*

Size: 500ml


- Great for use on new vehicles or mildly dirty interiors

- Removes dirt, oils, light discoloration

- Leaves behind a smooth matte finish

- Perfect for use prior to applying leather a sealant or coating

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