Gyeon Q2M Restart Wash | Ceramic Coating Decon Wash


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Q2M Restart Wash is an all-in-one shampoo designed to clean and rejuvenate ceramic coated vehicles. Not only does Restart Wash clean your vehicle, it also works to remove embedded iron and fallout, as well as bring life back into the existing properties found in ceramic coatings. Washing your ceramic coated vehicle with Restart Wash from Gyeon will enhance your coating, leaving behind a slick surface, and help your coating perform better, for longer.

Restart Wash is a slick & concentrated formula that can be used in a foam cannon and wash bucket. Simply add two to three pumps of product to your wash bucket for hand washes. You can also add a pump or two to your wash mitt for added lubricity when hand washing. For use in a foam cannon add 30ml of product to 500ml of water. When using either of these methods, allow Restart Wash to dwell on the surface for about two minutes before rinsing off.

Size: 500ml


- All in one wash solution

- Built in iron remover

- Helps rejuvenate existing ceramic coatings

- Slick & concentrated formula

- Safe for all exterior surfaces, including wheels

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