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The Aero Clay Cloth is a simple, safe, and easy was to remove embedded contamination from your vehicles surfaces, and is perfect for any type of vehicle, new or old. Made with synthetic clay, the Aero Clay Cloth works to lift embedded iron and industrial fallout from your vehicle, leaving the its paintwork, glass, or wheels, smooth and free of contaminates that can cause permanent damage if not properly removed. The Aero Cloth is easier to use than traditional clay, and we have found it to be equally as effective as a mild grade clay bar, while also decreasing the chance of marring.

The claying process is a crucial step in preparing your vehicle for compounding/polishing, or the application of your favorite wax, sealant, or ceramic coating. By doing this process you are ensuring the clayed surfaces are perfectly clean, which will greatly improve the bond between your vehicles clear coat, and any sealant or coating. 

Size: 12" x 12" 


- Safer and quicker than tradition clay

- Removes embedded iron and industrial fallout

- Less paint marring 

- Lasts longer than clay

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