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Founded in 2018

Trusted by Enthusiasts

A Note From The Team at Parks Car Care

If you refuse to compromise when it comes to the way your car looks & performs, then you've found the right place to fulfill your car care needs.

Parks Car Care was founded in 2018 because we wanted to offer clients from our service business, Parks Detailing, the ability to access high-quality formulas and tools that we've spent years procuring

for our team. PCC takes pride in being the exclusive US distribtor for some of the best car care brands available today, such as STEK Formula, Nv Car Care, Platinum Potions, and more!


Everything you'll find on our website has been in our hands, and is rigorously tested before it's offered to you for purchase. We do this to ensure that we have complete confidence in everything

we offer our customers, and that each product stands the test of time!


Thank you for considering us as part of your car care journey.

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About Us
About Us
About Us