Providing Professional Grade Car Care Products

Nick Parks, founder of Parks Car Care, has been caring for cars as long as he can remember. In 2013, Nick opened a car detailing company, Parks Detailing, that soon became one of the premier places in Charlotte to take your car for interior and exterior cleaning, paint correction and paint protection. His love for automobiles is the reason Nick provides an unprecedented level of care for each individual vehicle. His in-depth experience and skill have earned him a reputation as one of the best in the region.

In 2018, Nick expanded his company to include Parks Car Care. His intention for Parks Car Care is to offer the professional grade products he uses at his shop to car owners wanting the same high level of care, all over the country.

Over many years of caring for cars, Nick and his staff have tested many brands of car care products. They have found the best lines of products offered around the world. These are the products they offer to car enthusiasts - nothing less than the very best.

A Little Bit About Parks Detailing, Our Car Care Services Company

Car Paint Protection Specialists
At Parks Detailing, the car care services arm of Nick Parks’ group, we offer
premier car detailing including Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra), Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Detailing and other custom services.

When it comes to the quality of the services offered at Parks Detailing, they are second to none. For example, no one sweats the small stuff more than Parks when it comes to PPF application. Our meticulous approach assures our customers that their service will be done right. Additionally, Parks uses spot lights while working on your car to make sure all products are carefully applied and any imperfections are found and remedied.

Parks Detailing Car Paint Protection Services