Angelwax Eden | Air Freshener


Size: 250ml
Sale price$25.99


Scent Profile: Musky/woody with subtle hints of watermelon, papaya & exotic tropical fruits.

After years of sampling interior scent products that we weren't exactly thrilled with, this is one of the most unique scents in our collection. We love it, and our clients at Parks Detailing love it too.

It can be difficult to find automotive air fresheners that aren't too heavily scented, or unnatural in the scent they are attempting to represent. When you do find that ideal scent, it's even more difficult to find something that lasts longer than a few hours. If you prefer a fresh and subtle yet exotic note to subtly enhance the freshly detailed interior of your vehicle, you & Eden are a match; and better yet, she'll stick around for up to one month.

How we use it: We recommend vacuuming your interior surfaces and wiping them down with a KLIN Bubble Towel and an interior quick detailer such as STEK Formula 01. Once you've cleared any light debris or day-to-day soiling, simply spritz Eden lightly onto carpeted areas. A freshly cleaned & maintained interior allows you to enjoy the full scent profile as well as maximum durability from each spray.

Angelwax Eden comes in one size: 250ml. The bottle ships with a safety cap to prevent leakage; an atomizing sprayer is included.

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