Angelwax Enigma Trinity | Ceramic Leather Coating

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Angelwax ENIGMA TRINITY Ceramic Leather Coating has been formulated to protect the leather interior of your vehicle. The ceramic component within TRINITY has been designed to ensure the leather remains soft, supple and with a natural, factory finish.
Over time, the leather in your vehicle will deteriorate due to wear & tear, dye transfer and general daily usage will eventually take its toll on your interior. With a built-in UV protector, ENIGMA TRINITY repels water, static, dust, dirt and has been designed to keep the leather in superb condition with the ultimate protection.

Durability: Up to 12 months 


Shake well before use.

Before application, thoroughly clean the leather with HEAVEN for LEATHER and allow the surface to dry.

Spray TRINITY onto a microfibre applicator pad and proceed to coat the leather before buffing with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

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