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Angelwax Enigma is a unique state-of-the-art detailing wax that incorporates complex ceramic molecules formulated to enhance durability, while providing an uncompromising high gloss finish. Unlike most consumer grade detailing waxes, the ceramic components within Enigma bond to the vehicle's surface, resulting in a far more durable product than traditional waxes.

Enigma's formulation can also manipulate the micro pores found within this type of detailing wax, thus providing a completely smooth and level surface that is far less likely to be compromised by the outside elements. The complex structure of this wax allows for significant self-cleaning properties, high gloss, durability, and ease of use!

*It is highly recommended to make sure your vehicle is properly cleaned prior to installing Enigma wax. This may require the use of bug/tar cleaner, iron remover, and a clay bar or mitt, depending on the contamination level of your vehicle.*



- Unique ceramic infused formula

- High gloss & depth

- Creates a perfectly level & smooth finish

- Self cleaning properties

- Far greater durability than traditional waxes

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