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Angelwax Ti-22 | Titanium-Based Spray Sealant

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Angelwax Ti-22 | Titanium-Based Spray Sealant

Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium is a spray-based sealant designed to either work as a stand-alone paint sealant or as a base for your favorite wax. The chemical composition of Ti-22 makes this a simple yet brilliant formulation due to the nature of its key component, Titanium. Titanium is a natural element that has a low density with excellent resistance to corrosion and acid, making this sealant the perfect way to protect your paintwork from everything the planet has to throw at it!


1. For best results, wash, rinse, and dry the vehicle thoroughly.

2. Apply Angelwax Ti-22 to your clean microfiber towel, such as the KLIN Dual Side, then apply to the bodywork one panel at a time 

3. Using a separate, clean, microfiber to wipe off immediately after application 

Angelwax Ti-22 is a ‘spray on’, ‘wipe off’ formulation



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