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Carbon Collective Restore Microfiber Wash

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Carbon Collective Restore Microfiber Wash

Carbon Collective Restore Microfibre Wash is formulated to deep clean microfibre cloths & towels, restoring them to their original state. Removing sealants, waxes, polish residue, dirt & grime from within the microfibre pile.

After a year of ground-up, extensive development and rigorous testing, we proudly introduce our Restore Microfibre Wash, the only Microfibre Detergent with official approval from an independent manufacturer. Unlike other options available in the market, Restore Microfibre Wash addresses the issue of gradual deterioration in performance and feel that becomes apparent when using microfibres over time. To identify areas for improvement, we have studied both towels and detergents to get the best final product.

By following the instructions, you can expect your microfibre to remain as soft as the day you first opened it. While we cannot account for every possible factor that may affect the fabric, Restore provides a reliable solution for those who are meticulous in caring for their towels and have been seeking a trustworthy option. As the last element that touches your work, microfibre requires a specific process to achieve optimal results.

Restore stands out by being free from dyes, and only adding a fragrance to pass the sniff test and add further freshness.

We are proud to offer Restore with testing, approval and endorsement by KLiN Korea, a testament to its quality and effectiveness.

Get The Best Results - 

Pre-Soaking/Hand Washing:

Add 50ml into a bowl of warm water, agitating the towels every few minutes. Leave to soak for a few hours, and rinse with clean water until water runs clear.

Machine Washing:

Always wash at 40°C (104°F), and separate towels into type & color where possible.
For small loads or lightly soiled cloths - add 50ml into the wash compartment.
For larger loads or heavily soiled cloths, add 50ml to the pre-wash compartment and 50ml to the wash compartment (or 100ml into the main compartment).


Drying can make or break a microfibre towel, heat is not your friend as it can melt the fibers, ruining the pile.
Hang freely outdoors or tumble dry on the lowest heat setting (this will help fluff up higher GSM towels).

For best results use as directed.

Restore will not remove hardened ceramic coating residue, towels with ceramic coating residue should be separated.
Do not wash microfibres or towels that have come in contact with our SHIFT intensive cleaner.

Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not ingest.



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