CARSCOPE Baltic Snow Foam | Deep Cleaning Pre-Wash


Size: 500ml
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CarScope Baltic Snow Foam actually cleans without hammering your protection. This is much harder than it sounds! A PH neutral foam will not affect your coatings or sealants but will do very little in the way of cleaning. So, you have to have alkaline! However, some strong pre-washes will over time cause a significant dent in your protection as they slowly eat away at the layers, wash after wash.

Baltic Snow Foam works without damaging the protective layers by using sophisticated sugar-based surfactants to eat into the dirt and not the protection. You get a deep-cleaning, residue-free pre-wash leaving as the paint as clear as possible!

Works best with our MTM foam cannon! Highly concentrated and can be used up to 50:1 while still providing cleaning power. Baltic won't affect existing wax and sealant layers and is safe on all finishes.

Here’s how to use it: • Dilute with water in the MTM foam cannon. • 50:1 for maintenance cleaning. • 10:1 for deep cleaning. • Foam over vehicle and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes. • Blast off with your pressure washer. • Do not use in direct sun and do not allow to dry on your paint.

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