CarScope Flair Quick Detailer


Size: 500ML
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CarScope Flair Quick Detailer is a very special product. It was developed to provide that freshly waxed feeling to a panel after every wash. Flair adds warmth, glow and ‘flair' to the paint, but also has some genuine durability, great water behavior, and above all else - ease of use.

Flair is a slick, super-easy quick detailer. Designed to provide outstanding gloss and beading. Flair consists of a special lubricating additive, as well as, anti-static properties to help maintain your finish between washes. Works amazingly as a drying aid on wet vehicles and is great for touch-ups to boost gloss and promote fine beading.

CarScope Flair Quick Detailer Key Benefits • Highly lubricant • Anti-static formula • Great water behavior • Incredibly slick • Gloss boosting • Safe on all finishes, glass, plastics, and paint • Durability 5-6 weeks • Pleasant tobacco and vanilla scent

As a drying aid, Flair is great for maintaining your protection and adding lubrication to your drying stage. Simply mist sparingly onto the panel and drying towel, working one panel at a time to dry off the vehicle. Flair evaporates off quickly to leave a streak-free shine. Slightly more may be needed on a first application.

As a quick detailer, it is great for fingerprints and light dust - simply mist onto the panel and buff with a soft cloth.

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