CARSCOPE Multi Towel, 5 Pack


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Everyone needs a general-purpose towel in their arsenal! Most towels have a sewn edge and are an 80/20 blend (80% polyester, 20% polyamide.) Polyamide, the more expensive and absorbent part, is often reduced to decrease cost, which in turn decreases quality. You don't have to worry about any corners being cut with CarScope’s Multi Towels.

Featuring an edgeless construction and an optimized 70/30 blend, CarScope towels are super soft but tough enough for any job! So whether it’s wax and polish removal, interior duties, or even glass cleaning, these towels will have you covered! These towels come in excellent frosted zippered storage bags that keep your towels clean and fresh after each use and are reusable.

Tech Specs: • 5 pack • 40 x 40cm • 70/30 blend pearl weave

Washing Instructions: Wash at 40° using a dedicated microfiber detergent. Hang Dry.

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