CARSCOPE Rotor Wheel Shampoo


Size: 500ml
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CarScope Rotor Wheel Shampoo was created as an economical, safe and effective wheel cleaner that can be used week in and week out. It was developed as a shampoo to put the user in control of how strong to make the wheel cleaner. It is safe on ceramic coated wheels at low dilutions, and tough on dirt at high dilutions.

Most wheel shampoos are just glorified exterior shampoos, Rotor is not. This is a deep cleaning alkaline formula with added rust inhibitors to help battle against corrosion. It also doubles as an excellent undercarriage cleaner too!

And it smells fantastic! Especially when foamed.

How to use it

Rotor can be used a number of ways:

Bucket use Add 25 - 50ml (depending on water hardness) to a 20 liter bucket, froth with a pressure washer and apply to wheels using brushes and mitts.

Foam cannon Dilute 10:1 in a foam cannon and foam each wheel. Rotor is very stable so will still foam after being left in the cannon over a couple of weeks.

Foaming pump sprayer Dilute 50ml into a 1-liter sprayer, foam each wheel.

Spray Bottle Dilute 50 - 100ml to create a stronger traditional wheel cleaner.

Tech Specs: • Twist dispensing cap • Dark Blue color • Masculine scent

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