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Words from the owner of CARSCOPE, Henri Whiteman:

Why we love it

I've never liked the traditional microfibre style wash pads, I've always found them too heavy and unwieldy as they drag along the panel. 

Most pads are a 70/30 or (even worse) a 80/20 microfibre mix. 

This style of microfibre draws too much solution and is like using a wet sofa cushion when used on the paint. Also they release dirt poorly as they tend to 'grab' rather then let go. 

This new propriety style of microfibre has a completely different structure. 

A light viscose yarn is used, this soaks up less water yet still delivers more than enough shampoo to the panel resulting in a much lighter pad over conventional style pads. 

Key facts

Featuring a unique viscose yarn that releases dirt easier than traditional microfibre.

Providing the safest wash possible.

Made in Korea

16 x 23cm

High density internal sponge

Machine washable

Soft 20mm pile



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