CARSCOPE Wheel Barrel Brush


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Carscopes new barrel brush has been in development for quite some time! 

We've found most on the market to be either too short or too wide, why is this a problem?

When they are too short it makes life far too difficult to reach the back of the rim and when they are too wide they don't fit behind the brakes and dust shields. 

Enter the Carscope Barrel Brush!

Featuring a unique woven microfibre, our brush has an extra long brush head (315mm) and a comfortable plastic handle for long wheel cleaning sessions. 

The microfibre is intertwined into a steel braid resulting in a very low profile. allowing to to reach behind the callipers easily. But unlike nylon alternatives wont damage gloss black wheels. 

Tech Specs

315mm brush head

490mm total length

80mm Wide

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