CARSCOPE Wheel & Tyre Towel


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Words from the owner of CARSCOPE, Henri Whiteman:

Why we love it

Drying wheels at the end of the wash can be a huge pain! 

It's a must however, as dressing a wet tyre will reduce the longevity of any tyre dressing you put on. 

That's where the CARSCOPE wheel & tyre towel comes in!

Made from twist loop microfibre this towel will make quick work of hovering up any left over water and its long strands make it excellent for reaching into the tread of the tyre. 

Not only is it excellent for drying, but after using a tyre dressing, you can knock back the shine to leave a satin finish. 

Featuring our signature logo on the back with blue soft binding so you know its for wheels. 

Tech specs

40 x 60cm 

Single side twist loop

Blue binding 

Printed CARSCOPE logo 

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