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Carscope Zest Citrus-Prewash

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Carscope Zest Citrus-Prewash

Why we love it
Zest is a sophisticated gel prewash, designed to remove as much road grime as possible before contact washing without harming your protection. Formulated as a thick gel to increase dwell times and is heavily dilutable allowing you to fine tune its cleaning power!
Zest is also infused with corrosion inhibitors which makes it essential for winter washes!

Dilution Ratios
20:1 – For light dirt, ideal for maintenance washes
10:1 – For moderate dirt, winter washes & vehicles not cleaned regularly
5:1 – For Heavy dirt, heavily contained vehicles in need of a deep clean
1:1 – Undercarriage cleaning and extreme grime

Here’s how to use it

As a Pre -wash
- Apply to a dry vehicle focusing on the lower sections (ensuring the vehicle is out of direct sunlight and panels are cool to the touch).
- Leave to dwell for 5-10 minutes (do not allow product to dry on the surface).
- Using a power washer rinse the panel
- Follow with Baltic snow foam and Contact car shampoo

As a Snow Foam Additive
- Add 10-20ml into your Foamzooka snow foam cannon
- Add in 30-50ml of Baltic Snow foam
- Top the foamzooka bottle with water
- Foam over the vehicle and leave to dwell for up to 5-10 minutes
- Blast with pressure washer

Zest is non-corrosive, non-caustic and biodegradable
Always test on an inconspicuous area



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