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Decontamination is the key to the successful application of your favorite wax, sealant, or ceramic coating. Here at Parks Detailing, proper decontamination is commonly achieved with the use of five simple to use products. Through the use of these products, you will be able to achieve the removal of existing sealants and waxes, perform chemical and mechanical decontamination, as well as perform the removal of stubborn water spots. 

The first step in our decontamination process is foaming your vehicle with Nv Snow +. Snow + is an intensified car soap that is designed to remove debris, dirt, and grime. Snow + is also helpful in breaking down waxes and sealants. For the best results, we recommend diluting this product at 1:10 in your foam cannon of choice. After foaming the vehicle, and allowing the Snow + to dwell for 5-10 minutes, rinse and begin your hand wash process using Snow + in your bucket wash at 1:256. 

Once your paint is free from easily removed dirt, debris, and contamination it is time to begin your chemical and mechanical decontamination using the supplied KLIN clay mitt and NV Purify. Traditionally chemical and mechanical decontamination has been a two-step process, that is until NV released an innovative advanced clay lubricant known as Purify. In addition to acting as an exceptional lubricant, it is also designed to chemically break down contamination as you clay. Purify has been specially formulated to include an iron remover. This not only makes claying easier, but it also makes it safer. By including an iron remover, Purify effectively softens and dissolves iron filings before touching the vehicle with clay. Purify also includes cleaning additives to assist in lifting embedded dirt, grime, and old wax.   

Following decontamination, the only remaining step is the removal of water spots and limescale. Using Nv shift and the KLIN clay mitt you are able to safely remove water spots from both paint and glass. Shift is a spray, agitate, and rinse formula that is safe for both coated & uncoated vehicles. Shift helps to break down and remove water spots before they etch the clear coat. 

Finally, once these steps are complete we advise a final hand wash using Nv Snow to remove all of the chemicals used in the decontamination process. 

Included in this package:

1 x NV SNOW + 500 ML

1 x NV Purify 500 ml

1 x KLIN Clay MItt

1 x Nv Shift 500 ml 

1 x Nv SNOW 500 ml


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