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Decontamination is the key to the successful application of your favorite wax, sealant, or ceramic coating. Through the use of these products, you will be able to achieve the removal of existing sealants and waxes, and perform chemical and mechanical decontamination. Nv Snow Plus decontamination soap used in place of a regular car wash soap, will effectively clean your vehicle while also breaking down existing sealants and other forms of oils and contaminates on your vehicles paint. Nv Purify is an excellent iron remover, as well as a clay lubricant! Combined with the Waxit Aero clay cloth for removal of remaining imbedded contaminates!

Proper decontamination will leave your vehicle cleaner than ever, and is an essential step in keeping your vehicles paint from deteriorating. Once your vehicles exterior surfaces and free of contamination, application or your favorite sealant or coating will be a breeze, and the life of your sealant/coating will be greatly improved!

It is recommended to use a panel wipe cleaner (such as Nv Clarity, Gyeon Prep, or STEK Pure) after claying to remove any remaining residues before applying a coating or sealant.

All packages save 10% over regular priced items!

Kit Includes:

1 - Nv Snow Plus 500ml

1 - Nv Purify 500ml

1 - Waxit Aero Clay Cloth

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