Nv Finesse | Versatile Finishing Compound

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Nv Finesse is an innovative finishing compound, which yields light-moderate defect removal. Additionally, this product produces a remarkable gloss on an array of different paint systems. This compound is very multi-dimensional and can be used with several types of buffing pads. 

Finesse contains small abrasives that rapidly breakdown during the polishing process. Diminishing abrasive technology allows you to easily remove light defects such as holograms, marring, or light swirl - yet still allowing you to finish down to the best possible finish on the paintwork. 

Additionally, Finesse's unique abrasive cycle makes working with soft paints a rather painless experience. Due to the compounds nature, it breaks down with almost no pressure. The combination of shorter working times and quickly reaching the abrasive point allows you to remove soft paint defects with ease.