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NV Boost is an advanced Sio2 enhanced quick detailer designed for maintaining ceramic coatings. This product is designed to revitalize the gloss, slickness, and water behavior from your coating over time. Using Boost will also mitigate the risk of water spotting in between washes. 

Nv Boost is a true coating booster. Boost is not designed to create new protection, it is meant to compliment the surface it is topping. While the application is simple, the complexity of the chemical is not. Boost is made with an array of subtle ingredients, which work harmoniously with the top of your coating. Subsequently, this helps to keep your coatings operating at maximum performance, without masking any of your coating's behaviors or benefits. 



  1. Spray BOOST onto a clean microfiber cloth, or the surface of your clean vehicle
  2. Wipe on with a clean microfiber towel
  3. Buff off the residue with another clean microfiber towel 

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