Nv Nova Lustre | High Gloss Spray Coating


Size: 250ml
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Nova Lustre is one of the most user-friendly Sio2 blends on the market. With a simple spray and wipe application, you will create a super slick, glossy finish which is extremely durable, and even fills minor paint defects! This unique product brings paintwork to life, drastically increasing the depth and shine of your vehicles finish. Lustre is derived from a thick Sio2 resin which also has the ability to fill minor swirling and haze. Lustre doesn't just excel at aesthetic transformation, it also provides excellent protection and environmental resistance, while providing self-cleaning properties with an impressive hydrophobic effect!

Size: 250ml or 1 liter

Coating Durability: Up to 6 months (apply once monthly to maximize durability)


- Extreme gloss

- Super slick

- Simple application

- Fills minor paint swirls and hazing

- 25ml per application


- Spray directly onto the surface, or onto a clean soft microfiber such as the KLIN Dual Side.

- Work the product into the area where applied, making sure application is even,

- Using a clean microfiber towel, re wipe the areas where applied to level product, ensuring no left over residue.

Cure Time: Allow Lustre to cure for 2 hours before allowing the surface to get wet.

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