Nv Nova Wheel | High Temperature Resistant Ceramic Coating

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NV NOVA WHEEL is a strong, protective wheel coating that repels dirt, water, and contaminants before they are able to adhere to you wheels. Harmful contaminants such as brake dust, iron particles, and other nasty contaminants struggle to bond to your wheels, which ultimately means cleaner wheels for longer. 

Nv Nova wheel will not only provide your wheels with the ultimate protection, it also will add depth and gloss. Additionally, Nv Nova wheel can also be applied to your brake calipers. It also works great on metal surfaces, such as exhaust tips.




  • Up to 2-years durability
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Resistant to NV Purge Wheel Cleaner
  • Enhanced gloss
  • Hydrophobic structure  



First, begin by taking the wheels off (if possible) to coat the faces of the wheels and the barrel itself.
  • Wash the wheel and ensure the wheel is completely decontaminated through the use of iron removers, clay bars, and suitable lubricants.
  • Undergo polishing if necessary to ensure the wheels are looking their best, and to ensure the surface is completely clean
  • Wipe down with Clarity to ensure no residue is left over.
  • Apply the coating onto a suede applicator (4-5 drops initially, and then approximately 3 drops from that point onwards).
  • Let the coating cure onto the wheel for a maximum time of 45 seconds, and then level with a short pile microfiber towel.