Nv Purge | Reactive Wheel Cleaner

Size: 500ml
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PURGE is an extremely effective wheel cleaner on all types of wheels. PURGE is able to break down all different types of contamination on your wheels in the most effective way while remaining extremely safe & easy to use.

Purge is a specially designed solution that targets the dirt, grime and contaminant build-up that is common on wheels, and also found on paint. Additionally, purge also dissolves the graphite compounds and deposits that are evident in automotive brake materials, allowing you to remove even the toughest of contamination. 

Purge has a chemical reaction with contaminants that you are able to observe. When Purge meets contaminants, it turns them red as they start to dissolve. While there are several fallout cleaners on the market, Purge is packed with additional additives. These additional additives allow you to effectively remove dirt, grime, and tar. 

The reactionary formula means that it only becomes stronger depending on how dirty the wheels are, making it fantastic for deep cleans, but also the perfect maintenance cleaner as well. 

While Purge was specifically designed with wheels in mind, it is safe to use on all painted surfaces. Here at Parks Detailing this is go to traditional fallout cleaner.

BONUS: While Purge is extremely powerful, it is not accompanied the powerful odor of most fallout cleaner. You will find that the odor is far more mild. 

  • Use outdoors or with sufficient ventilation. 
  • Ensure the wheels and or paint surface is cool to the touch 
  • Spray onto the surface, making sure the surface is covered in a light mist of Purge
  • Wait up to 5 minutes for Purge to react
  • Rinse off with a high-pressure hose for best results

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