Nv Purify | Iron Remover & Clay Lubricant


Size: 500 ml
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Purify is truly a one of a kind clay lubricant. In addition to acting as an exceptional lubricant, it is also designed to chemically break down contamination as you clay. Purify has been specially formulated to include an iron remover. This not only makes claying easier, it also makes it safer. By including a iron remover, Purify effectively softens and dissolves iron filings before touching the vehicle with clay. Purify also includes cleaning additives to assist in lifting embedded dirt, grime, and old wax.   


  • Helps Safely Dissolve Iron Contaminants & Fall Out
  • Enhanced with cleaners to help Safely break down waxes & sealants
  • Safely helps soften other stubborn surface contaminants before claying
  • High Surface Lubrication
  • Increases the effectiveness of claying
  • Cuts down the time needed to clay each section
  • Increases Paintwork Clarity


  1. Spray onto the exterior painted surface
  2. Allow 15-45 seconds before beginning to clay
  3. Start rubbing the clay lightly back & forth working in small sections
  4. Let the product continue to react for 3-4 minutes in total.
  5. Rinse off the product.

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