Gyeon Q2M Bug and Grime Remover Spray


Size: 400ml
Sale price$11.99


Gyeon Q2M Bug and Grime Remover is an excellent choice for those who need to remove those stubborn bug guts from your vehicle, without risking damage to your sealant or ceramic coating.

Gyeon specifically developed this version of Bug and Grime remover to efficiently dissolve the proteins in bug guts without being harsh on sealants or ceramic coatings. Softening bug guts and road grime allows for a less taxing washing experience and reduces the risk of marring and fine scratches as bug remains are dragged across painted surfaces.

Do not use Bug & Grime remover on warm/hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Spray onto contaminated area(s) and allow the product to dwell on the surface for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and continue your washing process without having to scrub away at stubborn bugs and road grime!

Size: 400ml

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