Gyeon Q2M Clay Mild | Heavily Ingrained Dirt Remover

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This is the Mild version of Gyeon Q²M Clay, for paintwork or glass that has been regularly maintained and/or does not feel rough to the touch.

Decades after its first use on automotive paint finishes, the clay bar remains one of the most effective ways to remove surface contaminates and prepare the paint for correction and protection.

Gyeon's iteration of the clay bar costs more than your average clay bar. Why? Gyeon's clay formulations will stand up to intense chemicals on both sides of the pH scale. This is important because clay is often used in conjunction with chemicals such as iron or tar removers, which steadily break down or even dissolve lesser grades of clay and render them unusable, requiring a new clay bar to be used.

Gyeon Clay's chemical resistance means it'll save you materials, money and time throughout your detailing project, and may be reusable for multiple projects dependent upon the level of soiling on paint or glass.

Q²M Clay can be used effectively on paint, glass, wheels, headlights/tail lights and some clear coated plastic trim. Unlike most other clay bars which come in a thin plastic bag, Gyeon supplies a reusable case to keep the clay bar fresh and allows for proper storage & protection.

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