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Size: 120ml
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With most automotive leather hides being clear coated at the factory, leather requires less intensive conditioning and more protection. Enter Gyeon Q2 LeatherCoat.

If you've ever seen lighter leather with unsightly dye transfer from denim or you've ever had the unfortunate task of scrubbing coffee stains off of leather seats, you understand the importance of protecting leather. However many leather products can leave an equally unsightly glossy or greasy finish; which is not how clean, well-maintained leather is meant to look. At Parks Detailing, our goal is to restore our clients' leather interiors as close to factory new as possible. Leather Coat is one of the few products we've found that allows us to protect leather without changing its original appearance.

Leather Coat brings greater peace of mind by protecting leather from most liquids, sweat, dirt and that difficult-to-remove dye transfer for up to 90 days before a simple re-application is needed.

Speaking of application, it couldn't be simpler. Begin by cleaning the surface(s) to be treated with an effective leather cleaner like NV Cleanse and a KL!N Bubble Towel. Once the leather has been cleaned, simply spray Gyeon Leather Coat onto a microfiber towel such as a KL!N Zero Finish and lightly work it into the leather. That's all it takes to add a virtually invisible layer of protection to your leather for up to 90 days.

Sizes: 120ml or 400ml

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