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Size: 50ml
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Gyeon Q2 LeatherShield is an advanced Si02 (Silicon Dioxide) based coating designed specifically for interior leather surfaces. With this coating, your leather surfaces will be protected from UV rays, as well as everyday wear, making it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. LeatherShield is easy to apply, will not change the color or feel of your leather, and will dry with a factory matte finish. Protect your leather from dirt, oils, drink spills, lotion stains, and more! 

It is always recommended to apply a small amount of product to a non-visible area to test the product before use. Be careful and make sure your coverage is even.

Size: 50ml

Coating Durability: 1 Year +

Whats Included:

1 - Gyeon Q2 LeatherShield 50ml

1 - Dropper lid attachment 

1 - Foam applicator block

4 - Suede applicator cloths


- Clean leather thoroughly with Gyeon Q2 LeatherCleaner.

- Wrap applicator cloth around the provided applicator block.

- Apply a generous amount of product onto the provided suede cloth.

- Apply in sections with a criss-cross pattern to ensure even coverage.

- Do not wipe off the product, simply allow LeatherShield to dry. However if you notice the product drying unevenly, you can level the product to remove excess with a clean microfiber towel.

- One layer of product is all you need

- Check the product after 20 mins, Wipe if needed.

Curing Time:

Allow Q2 LeatherShield to cure for at least 12 hours before use. Avoid contact with the leather, and keep the areas dry while the product cures.

Shelf Life:

Unopened LeatherShield should be used within 9 months of purchase, if stored properly in a cool climate controlled area. Once opened, use LeatherShield within 2 months. Please note that the longer a coating is stored after opening, the harder it will become to apply. 

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