Gyeon Q2 Primer Polish


Size: 120ml
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We don't use this term lightly; Q2 Primer is a revolutionary product.

Only a few years ago, polishing and protecting paint were separate disciplines and processes. With the engineering of Q² Primer, they can be one in the same... Saving time, money, and even your knees & back. It's also an incredibly useful product where finicky or soft paint finishes are concerned.

Q² Primer is a light finishing polish which contains SiO₂ (silicon dioxide, the primary chemical structure in many coatings). This means you can use this product after compounding to refine the finish and lay down a layer of "primed" protection prior to coating, enhancing the bond of the coating itself and thus enhancing the coating's durability.

Q² Primer can also be used effectively on soft or finicky paint finishes to achieve extremely fine paint correction and the application of a layer of fundamental protection without having to touch the paint excessively. This helps to reduce the possibility of reintroducing fine scratches or marring on tricky finishes. We use it precisely that way at Parks Detailing to ensure our clients receive their vehicle with the finish being as close to perfect as possible.

If you're hoping to make your paint correction process more efficient while protecting the results you've worked so hard to achieve, Q² Primer is the ideal companion for the job.

Sizes: 120ml 1 Liter (1000ml)


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