Gyeon Q2 Wax | Fluorine Based Car Wax

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There's a popular phrase being tossed around in the detailing industry lately: "Wax is dead."

We respectfully disagree. While it's not as durable as a ceramic coating, wax and its associated benefits certainly still have their rightful place in protecting a vehicle. It comes down to personal preference.

That being said... Gyeon developed their first wax to be more durable, easier to use and to generate as much incredible depth as possible. They did this by developing their formula with Fluorine, the 9th element on the periodic table, and the key differentiator among more conventional car waxes. Fluorine is an active ingredient in Gyeon's other coating/topcoat formulas that is highly reactive and creates incredible water behavior on painted surfaces.

What's in the box:

  • Gyeon Q2 Wax (6.1oz)
  • Gyeon Wax Applicator
  • Gyeon Microfiber Towel for wax removal

How we apply it:

  • Prep the surface by washing with a decontaminating car shampoo such as NV Snow Plus to ensure a proper bond.
  • For vehicles that are daily driven, live outside or have heavier contamination, consider adding an iron remover such as Gyeon Q2M Iron.
  • Using the included foam applicator, apply a light layer of Q2 Wax in straight lines. You can apply Q2 Wax to all painted surfaces before removing it.
  • Allow Q2 Wax to cure for a minimum of 30 minutes before removing it with a plush microfiber towel. Take a step back and enjoy the impressive result.

While it won't necessarily do harm to your paint, we do not recommend applying or letting Q2 Wax cure in direct sunlight or hot surfaces for ease of use.

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