Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube | Clay Lubricant


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Gyeon Clay Lube is a lubrication product that allows clay bars and mitts to glide across paint helping to reduce the chance of leaving marring or scratching. Detailing clay pulls embedded particles off of the paint leaving the surface perfectly clean and smooth. Q2M Clay Lube creates a slick barrier between the clay and the contamination, allowing the clay to pick up these particles without dragging them across the surface, or your claying sticking to the paint. Gyeon Clay Lube works great with most types of detailing clay, and will not degrade the clay and cause it to break down.

Q2M Clay Lube is a ready to use product, but can be diluted as far as 1:10 while still providing ample lubrication.

Size: 500ml


- Ready to use product

- Creates a slick surface for clay to glide across

- Helps reduce scratching or marring

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