Gyeon Q2M Leather Brush

Sale price$6.99


There are tons of leather brushes out there. After trying several, we've found that Gyeon's version has proven more durable, more ergonomic and more effective than most others in our customer detailing operations.

Some leather brushes are too stiff and risk damaging sensitive leather, or the bristles are too soft to accomplish any real scrubbing & soiling removal. The horsehair bristles on this brush are as close to perfect as one can get for everything from soft Nappa leather to more rugged textiles on door panels, kick plates, dashboards and consoles.

The thick wooden handle is designed to fit snugly within your hand and allows for easy, soreness-free scrubbing; moreover, the size of the brush is ideal to be utilized in even the trickiest contours, cracks and crevices.

In our shop, we've had several of these brushes for years and they've shown few signs of wear and rarely shed hairs. This brush is worth every penny of its relatively low price tag.

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