Gyeon Q2 Rim | High Temperature Resistant Ceramic Coating

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Gyeon Q2 Rim is an easy to use ceramic coating which is safe on all finishes of rims, both glossy and matte. This product can also safely be used on brake calipers. Gyeon Rim is a dedicated rim coating that has exceptional high-temperature tolerance and durability up to 12 months.

Once applied, the protected surface will have environmental and chemical resistance, mitigating the risk of irreversible damage that is often caused by these contaminants. In addition to protection, you will enjoy newfound ease of cleaning due to the hydrophobic nature of the product.

Instructions for application

1. Wash the rim with a strong degreasing agent or intensified shampoo

2. Use Gyeon Iron to chemically remove embedded contamination 

3. For any surface tar or road debris that is not removed in your chemical decontamination step, use Gyeon Tar

4. Use Gyeon Q2M Clay and your preferred clay lubricant to mechanically remove additional impurities 

5. Use Gyeon Q2M Prep prior to coating application to fully degrease the surface 

6. Shake the Q²RIM bottle well before use

7. Apply a thick layer with the attached applicator

8. Wipe off immediately after application (for complex-shaped rims split into sections)