Gyeon Q2 Rim High-Temperature Wheel Coating

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12 months of protection for your gloss, matte or bare metal wheels has rarely been simpler to attain.

Many wheel coatings can be tricky to apply and/or remove. Gyeon Rim is a simple, durable product that enhances any type of surface it bonds with.

Q2 Rim aids in the wheel cleaning process, helping to prevent brake dust and other road grime from adhering to metal. For some vehicles, cleaning wheels treated with Q2 Rim can be as simple as a rinse with a pressure washer or a gentle agitation with mild car shampoo. Rim is also effective in protecting the painted surface of the wheel from road salt, if you find yourself in a cold climate area.

Not only does Q2 Rim protect wheels; due to its extremely high temperature resistance (up to 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit), Gyeon Rim can also be employed to protect brake calipers and exhaust tips.

Gyeon Q2 Rim is available in one size; 30ml. At Parks Detailing, we generally apply one thick layer to all four wheels, allow that to cure, and follow with a second layer after one hour. This is not mandatory but does ensure maximum protection, visual enhancement and durability.

Instructions for application:

1. Wash the wheel with a strong degreasing agent or intensified shampoo, such as ADG F-Bomb.

2. Use Gyeon Iron to chemically remove embedded contamination 

3. For any surface tar or road debris that is not removed in your chemical decontamination step, use Gyeon Tar.

4. Use Gyeon Q2M Clay and your preferred clay lubricant to mechanically remove additional impurities.

5. Use Gyeon Q2M Prep prior to coating application to remove any remaining oils.

6. Shake the Q²RIM bottle well before use.

7. Apply a thick layer with the included applicator.

8. Wipe off immediately after application. For complex wheels or wheels with more than 5 spokes, work in sections and wipe each section immediately before moving on to the next.

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