Gyeon Quartz Q2M Water Spot | Water Spot Remover


Size: 500ml
Sale price$13.99


Safely remove water spots with Gyeon Q2M Water Spot remover. This product is designed to remove unsightly mineral deposits that dry onto a vehicle's surface when rained on or washed in direct sunlight without filtered water. This can result in damaged clear coat over time if not correctly addressed. Gyeon Water Spot focuses on safety, meaning this product will not harm your paint, sealants, or ceramic coatings! 

Simply apply Q2M Water Spot to the affected areas, working one panel at time. Using a soft quality microfiber, wipe the area multiple times, and repeat this process if needed. Never let Water Spot remover dry on the surface, and never leave a microfiber that has been used with Water Spot remover on your vehicles paint or glass.

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