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Bundle and Save with our interior essentials package. With this kit, cleaning, and maintaining a clean interior is made simple and efficient. A proven and effective vinyl cleaner is one of the most important components of any interior detailing arsenal. In our facility, we use Gyeon Quartz's Q2M Vinyl cleaner. Unlike some other plastic and vinyl interior cleaners, this one does not leave any sticky residue. Simply wipe on and then wipe off with a clean KLIN bubble towel to effectively clean all of your plastic and vinyl surfaces. 

Aside from vinyl and plastics, maintaining clean windows are at times a daunting task. The key to streak-free windows is a proper cleaner and microfiber towel. Nv's Clarity is a streak-free cleaner which serves as a fantastic window cleaner. Nv Clarity is powerful enough to remove common residue and filth, yet gentle enough not to harm window tint. When paired with the KLIN glass shine, streaks and residue don't stand a chance. The KLIN glass shine is a low nap yet soft towel that makes glass cleaning easy. Measuring approximately 12” x 24” it’s the ideal size when folded into fourths to allow you to maneuver it into the tight spots at the base of your windshield as well as the hard to reach corners of the rear glass and unlike other glass specific microfiber towels, it is not grabby.

Kit Includes:

1 KLIN Glass Shine 

1 NV Clarity 500 ml

1 Gyeon Quartz Q2M Vinyl 

1 KLIN Bubble Towel 2 pack 


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