KLIN Buffing King Towel 18 x 15


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The KLIN Buffing King has returned! This is KLIN's latest iteration of their legendary buffing towel. This incredibly thick 1,000 GSM towel is purpose-designed for effortless polish removal on even the most delicate paint systems. Thickness is only one of the many boast-worthy features of this towel, it is also incredibly soft and built for longevity at the same time. 
While this is our go-to polish removal towel, it is also extremely effective when used for standard washing, waterless washing, quick detailing, and much more. 

Measurments: 18"x15" 

Machine wash separately using a neutral detergent with warm water and hang dry. NO FABRIC SOFTENER or BLEACH.

Arrives pre-washed and air washed, sealed in Contaminant Control System package. The utmost care has been taken in the manufacturing and handling of these products

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